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For your convenience we have included this page to help you make a comparison of the basic window glass media. This should be a helpful tool for those attempting to make a decision between the two.

glass averages 1/8" thick
glass averages 1" thick
glass held together with H-shaped lead strips (came)
glass is cast in a 3/4" bed of epoxy
glass typically separated by 1/4" wide leads
separation between pieces range from 3/4" to several inches
over 3,000 colors and textures of glass available
perhaps 300 colors available
can render very intricate and detailed designs
used for much bolder/graphic designs
best for representational figurative work
best used for abstract/architectural designs
can be painted to achieve added detail
usually not painted
typical characteristic is the subtle pattern formed by the leadlines
typical characteristic is the bold graphic separation of the epoxy (the negative area)
more costly of the two media
same to 1/4 the cost of stained glass
fairly fragile, subject to breakage
very durable
usually less expensive to make a repair
typically a whole panel needs to be replaced in repair
can be visually either light or heavy
visually heavy because of the negative area
requires a double glazed framing system
requires a heavy duty, single glazed frame
typically installed late in construction schedule
installed relatively earlier
protective exterior glazing is recommended
not recommended
can be used for most any design style
best suited for abstract or symbolic work
can be adapted to most any architectural style
does not work well in some architectural settings
can be used with either low or high light levels
best used in high light level situations
techniques used have been proven for over 1,000 years
relatively new technology


- both can be used to control glare problems

- both can be a beautiful addition to most any space

- both can be backlighted for nighttime exterior viewing
   (this is different from a light box situation)

- the primary viewing of both of these types of windows is from the    inside during the daytime


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