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What you should know!
We incorporated in 1981.
Since we are located in the southeast, most of our commissions are in this region, however, we have done work all across the country.
Our studio occupies 8,500 sq. ft.
The owner's degree is in bio/chem.
We employ six full-time and part-time assistants as well as professional consultants when required.
All work is designed in house.
Most all fabrication occurs in house.
Most all installations are done by us.

About 82% of our work is religious, remainder is for corporations, schools, and Art-in-Public-Spaces programs.

Most all work is site specific.
Most all work is highly architectural in style.
We are not a production company.
Our brochure is a pictorial history of things we have done, not a catalogue from which you order your work.
We enjoy providing interesting solutions for problematic areas.
We are satori (cal) in nature.
We are flexible.
We work well with committees.
We share our toys.
As of  2009 we have completed about 400 commissions of various scope and sizes.

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